Dolibarr ERP Software Review

Dolibarr is free software that is available for small to medium-sized companies of all kinds. Their unique features allow their software to be flexible enough to suit any industry. Its ease of use and installation make it a leader among its peers.

The multi-user system allows for a number of users in one office to use the software simultaneously. Their codes are highly customizable and the home pages are able to be fitted to each customer’s desires. They received the best in Management Company category in 2003 and have been striving to improve on their software ever since.

Dolibarr created their ERP software as an easy to use, easy to install software so that anyone can take advantage of the benefits it offers. Because their services are free, they are supported by donations and gifts alone. Since starting their ERP line they have seen increased customer growth over time.

Dolibarr ERP Key Features:

Dolibarr ERP software includes:

  • CRP Software
  • DoliWamp Software: an auto-exe installer for Windows users
  • DoliMamp Software: an auto installer for Mac OS X users
  • DoliBuntu Software: an auto installer for Linux Ubuntu/Debian users
  • Modules include: Products & Services Catalog, Stock Management, Bank Accounts Management, Order Management with PDF generator, Contracts Management, Point of Sale, and more
  • Can create a directory of contacts, whether they are new or existing customers
  • Manage orders, contracts, invoices and many other items
  • Emailing, creating agendas and creating reports are all possible with this software

Companies Using Dolibarr
Because the software is free to use, it would be nearly impossible to list all of the satisfied customers that Dolibarr has. Their clientele comes from various organizations and businesses that range in size from small to medium-sized.