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Microsoft Office/SharePoint 2010 and Google Apps: Skinning The Same Cat?

Microsoft would love for us to believe that SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010 are so completely superior to Google’s Apps offerings that businesses would be foolish to adopt Apps over a Microsoft-centric solution. In the past, Microsoft users haven’t really been compelled to take on their desktop offerings, and while Office 2007 was excellent, many […]

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iNet.Invoices Optimizes SAP’s ERP A Fraction of The Price

For all their clout in the ERP market, SAP has had some trouble recently, mostly due to their plans to increase maintenance and licensing fees and their current lack of a general cloud-based solution. ERP-Link Corporation uses SAP’s situation to their advantage, creating SAP-Microsoft interoperability solutions; most recently, they released iNet.Invoices, a Dynamic Business Application […]

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